Dental Fillings


What is dental filling treatment and why it is done?
Tooth decay starting from the upper part of the teeth may result from insufficient or incorrect dental care. At this point, the teeth begin to decompose and cause tooth pain and after a certain time a very bad appearance occurs. Particularly, when consuming any beverage, there is a pain extending into the tooth and the remaining food and bacteria accumulate in the tooth and form caries. After comprehensive examinations, physicians in our center may perform dental filling treatment. This treatment is done to prevent pain and decay by filling the cavity of the tooth.

How is Dental Filling Done?
The initial stage of teeth decay in teeth not regularly maintained causes pain on cold air, hot air and drinks. Also, the decay will progress with time. When it is decided to fill the teeth by the doctors in our center, first the x-ray is taken for the tooth to be filled. The doctor prepares the cavity under local anesthesia and then places the filling. With this short-time treatment, filling prevents tooth decay to extend and significantly increases the age of your teeth.

What are the types of dental filling treatment?
In our center, there are different types of fillings applied by our specialist physicians. For example, while some of our patients directly request amalgam fillings, porcelain fillings or composite resin fillings are made for other patients. Composite resin filling is the closest filling type to tooth color. The aim is to clean and close the caries area with a suitable material to protect the tooth, prevent caries and to provide the patient the opportunity to maintain oral care.